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Nestlé Purina eCommerce

Nestlé Purina is looked upon as a leader in the eCommerce space among large consumer packaged goods companies. Part of the reason for this is the startup mentality they embraced. Knowing that they would need to move fast, test, evaluate, learn, and pivot, Purina hired Leverage to support these efforts and provide both expertise and a lean mentality when tackling eCommerce. By establishing an internal brand, building a narrative around both the state of eCommerce as well as the company's goals for future growth, and standarizing the methods and procedures to attain those goals, Leverage was able to help steer the eCommerce team on a path towards success.

Evaluation, optimization, and customization

The key to a successful eCommerce strategy lies in the details. Are titles and descriptions optimized with the best keywords? Are all variants included? Are images high quality? Is there an opportunity for enhanced content to provide the user a better experience? Each of these details, plus many more, play an important role in the success of a product online. In addition to that, each platform has its own set of best practices and implementation requirements. Our team led the auditing, optimization and customization of thousands of products across dozens of e-retailers to ensure success.

"Leverage has been a fantastic partner to Nestlé Purina! Their knowledge of publishing and the retail environment has been invaluable to our team for our growing e-commerce business."


Director, Digital Content Management
Nestlé Purina

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