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Mama Lola's

Mama Lola's specializes in making and distributing authentic, all-natural tortillas and other Mexican food products throughout the Phoenix, AZ area. They came to us in need of a full brand revitalization to give them a fresh look and better meet the needs of their growing customer base. We modernized their logo, redesigned, and built their website to better showcase their authentic products to tell their unique, history-rich story.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Mama Lola's needed a design that mirrored the fresh, authenticity of their products. We managed a photoshoot to capture imagery that focused on the raw, natural ingredients that go into their products as well as detailed shots to highlight the unique texture of their tortillas. This imagery, paired with textured design elements and a modern typeface, gave the site the organic, yet modern feel Mama Lola's was hoping for.

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Screenshot of the Nestle Purina Careers Website Design

"Leverage has been instrumental in the growth of our Mama Lola's brand having been involved in everything from a complete redesign of our logo, website, marketing materials and CRM system. The team is extremely professional, responsive and energetic. As our company continues to grow, I fully expect Leverage to be a big part of our story."


Mama Lola's (Omnia Group)

Male Purina Worker at a Factory Bags of Purina Cat Chow on the assembly line at a factory. Female with her dog and cat sitting at a desk at work.
2 mobile phones showing the Mama Lola's website on screen.

Authentic products on the go

With Mama Lola's looking to expand their brand to restaurants and grocers nationally, a website that was accessible on any device was a must. Our design challenge was to showcase the authentic product imagery while balancing the valuable screen real estate with product descriptions and calls-to-action.

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