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Useful Tools and Plugins for Figma

Headshot of the Author Abbey Schneider

We’ve been using Figma for a while now, but we’re constantly learning what all it’s capable of. We thought we’d share a few of the tools or plugins that we love, or have recently discovered, that have made our jobs easier.

TinyImage Compressor

We recently found this tool that makes gif making SO easy. It’s seriously as easy as the click of a button. Not only does it make creating gifs a breeze, it can merge frames into a single compressed PDF file, save multiple images as a .zip, or add .mp3 audio files to MP4 video exports—just to name a few.

Color Contrast Checker

Accessibility is so important these days, and we’ve found this tool to be SO helpful, especially when designing websites. It tells you the color contrast ratio according to WCAG guidelines and makes suggestions on what would be AA and AAA compliant. You can then make those changes with the click of a button. Easy.

To Path

We used this tool when designing the text circles on knoxkronenberg.com. This plugin allows you to put a line of text or shape along a circle or path. However, when we needed to make a change to the text, we found it to be a bit more complicated. There may be a better path plugin out there, but this one got the job done for us.


Stock imagery at your fingertips. 1. Click on the shape you want an image in, 2. Open the plugin, 3. Search for what you want, 4. Click on an image and boom. There it is. Is it really that difficult to just go to the website and download the image? No. But this eliminates some of the extra leg work.

Do you have a Figma plugin that you love? Share it with us!

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