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SXSW Recap

Headshot of the Author Matt Kreikemeier

With our first trip to Austin for SXSW, we tried to hit a variety of sessions that could apply to a wide range of our clients and readers.  Below is a quick sxsw recap, but first, some fun facts we learned!

  • More people own a mobile device than a toothbrush.
  • 53% of millenials would rather lose their sense of smell than their technology.
  • The average person a has 7 second attention span. The average goldfish has 8.
  • Every second, 2 new members join LinkedIn – that’s like the entire enrollment of the Ivy League joining LinkedIn everyday.
  • Grandparents are the fastest growing demographic on Twitter.
  • Your audience is 3x more likely to visit your site than engage with your content on your Facebook page.
  • #1 way people get in touch with a brand – they go to the brand website.
  • UGC leads to 10% higher conversion rate.
  • More snaps in one day than posts on all other social platforms combined (unverified).
  • World/Social Populations: 1. Facebook 2. China 3. India 4. Tencent 5. Whatsapp 6. Google+ 7. LinkedIn 8. United States 9. Instagram 10. Twitter

Credit: Social Media Revolution 2015 #Socialnomics

SXSW Recap Infographic

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