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Sharing the Passion Behind the Product for Frick’s Quality Meats

Headshot of the Author Laura Benson
video camera showing a ham on it's screen on the set of a video shoot

When the Frick’s marketing team reached out to us, they shared that they had somewhat recently undergone a complete rebrand and were generally very happy with the established look/feel of their brand. But, we soon learned Frick’s is clearly a company that doesn’t settle and always strives for improvement. While many companies would have been satisfied with what they had—the team felt there were a few areas that were missing the mark and they were unwilling to settle for ‘good enough’. That’s where we came in.


We kicked off the project with a brand discovery session at their office and plant in Washington, MO. The minute we walked into the building, the aroma of smoked hams hit us, and we knew things were off to a great start.

During our discovery, we learned about Frick’s as a business and as people. They took us on a plant tour where we saw the behind-the-scenes process from start to finish. We quickly learned that their ‘never settle’ attitude was not something unique to their marketing team, but is ingrained throughout the company—from the impeccably clean plant they maintain, to the high-quality products they produce. Frick’s is a five-generation family-owned business that is dedicated and passionate about providing their customers the best possible products.

It was this story of passion that was missing from their marketing efforts. They were demonstrating their high-quality products, but they weren’t making the human-connection their products have with the people who actually enjoy them.

Other pain points centered around the customer experience. The website was designed well for mobile devices, but it wasn’t optimized for desktop screens. They also wanted to improve their search capabilities and add more robust tips & recipes to make the site a better resource for their customers.

Armed with an understanding of their brand strengths and weaknesses, we got to work forming a strategy to bring it all to life. Part of creating a more human-connection would involve adding new photography and a brand video on the website, so we focused on those action items first.

Photo Shoot

We curated a detailed shot list incorporating inspiration images that were similar in content and style to the imagery we would be capturing. Their product was clearly the ‘star of the show’, but we also wanted to highlight the human connection that exists between their products and the people that enjoy them. To do this, we focused on capturing those moments in time with family and friends preparing and enjoying a meal—a child helping a parent cook, a family gathered around the dinner table, or putting that finishing garnish on a plate before a holiday meal.

We partnered with the amazing We Are Alexander Studios to successfully bring weeks of planning to life in a full-day shoot.

Brand Video

While planning their photo shoot, we were simultaneously planning for their brand video. The story we wanted to tell through the video was similar to the still photography, again highlighting the emotional connection their product has on their customer. But, we also wanted to tell the story of the passionate people behind the product.

We did this by intermixing three different storylines—1. the Frick’s team producing their product at the plant from start to finish, 2. a family dinner, and 3. friends gathering for a night of fun. We wrote the story arc and a compelling voiceover script to pair with the visuals and bring it all together.

Similar to the photo shoot, we created a detailed shot list that outlined every shot we needed to capture including inspiration visuals, props, and the talent needed.

For production and post-production, we brought in our talented friends at Antidote Studio, while we managed and helped direct the full 2-day shoot. Of course, Frick’s takes health and safety very seriously, so shooting at the plant involved wearing all the gear, sanitizing our equipment, and lots of patience.

behind the scenes at the Frick's video shoot

For the family and friend shots, we thoughtfully planned each scene—thinking through angles and lighting, rearranging furniture and utilizing an interior designer for the decor, and of course a talented food stylist to ensure each dish was picture perfect. What is really fitting is that all the talent used in the video is either a member of the Frick’s family, a friend, or a colleague.

The final video turned out even better than we imagined and later earned a 2022 American Digital Design Award from Graphic Design USA.


With photography and video in the works, we were ready to tackle the website. Since they had established brand visuals, we weren’t starting from scratch, but we reconsidered how the design elements were used to improve the user experience.

For instance, black was often used as a background color with body copy in all-caps—this made it difficult to read. By choosing a cream background and a similar font in sentence case, it created a more inviting feel that was also easier to read.

We used textures to give it a more handcrafted feel, as well as large, bold animated phrases in the background to add interest and communicate a bit of their personality.

/ fricksqualitymeats.com

Based on prior analytics, we knew most of their site traffic were customers looking for cooking and carving tips, recipe ideas, and where to buy their product. By adding a store locator tool, improving search functionality, and building a more robust recipes and tips section, the site became a better resource for their customers.

Just weeks after launch, the number of inquiries, such as cooking and carving questions, recipe ideas, or where to find their product, had already decreased by 12%. This improvement has allowed them to spend their time in other areas of the business rather than responding to questions.

Integrating the new photography and brand video was the final piece needed to showcase the passion and people behind their product, which really sets them apart.

 “Now our brand’s story is being told better than ever! Matt and Laura were very responsive, thorough, and helped us get the most out of our budget. They met our ambitions and unique challenges head on, and the improved functionality of our website has reduced consumer inquiries and the man-hours needed to respond to them. Thanks Matt & Laura for helping us achieve our goals!” Rachel Marketing Coordinator Frick's Quality Meats

This project was a labor of love for sure, and working with the incredible Frick’s team was icing on the cake. Or rather, the glaze on the ham.🤤 What are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself some mouthwatering meats!


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