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If a picture tells a thousand words, video speaks volumes.

Video has become one of the most impactful marketing tools available for brands. Successful branding, and thus marketing, is all about story-telling. Video is the medium built for story-telling. Its ability to elicit emotion through visuals, audio, pace, and rhythm allows consumers to feel more connected to your product or service. Video is able to take advantage of multiple senses to tell a more direct story, conveying your message more efficiently.

Video Work Example
Behind the scenes look at the video shoot at World Wide Technology Offices


No matter the creative project, research and planning are critical for success. In video, we call this the pre-production process. Brainstorming ideas, scouting locations to shoot, prepping talent to be on screen, acquiring permits, or creating storyboards to outline the narrative arc are just a few of the items going into the pre-production process.


The production process is the act of actually shooting and recording video content. Once on set, sound and lighting crews ensure the scene is set for optimal recording conditions. Depending on the video content, interviews may be conducted. B-roll is then often collected as a way to supplement the story. Finally, if necessary, voice-over talent may record additional audio — all of which will be used to create the final piece of video content.


The post-production process starts by organizing all the content collected during the production process. From there, clips are stitched together, b-roll is mixed in, music is selected, and motion graphics are layered on to bring together all the individual elements that when combined creatively tell a compelling story for your audience.

Animation/Motion Graphics

Animation or motion graphics are a great way to add both visual flair as well as additional context to a video. Whether it's a superimposed name and title, or more intricate animations that captures the user's attention, animation layered on top of your shots help tell a more complete story not otherwise expressed on screen.

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Handwriting Animation Tutorial

Demo: codepen.io/drewhagni/pen/wvQXKKW Prerequisites: GSAP (basic knowledge) Adobe Illustrator (intermediate knowledge) Required tools: Club Greensock Adobe Illustrator (or similar) Caveats: Text is not readable by bots as it is converted to SVG shapes Illustrator is the only program I’ve successfully done...

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