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Event Branding

A successful event enables learning, sharing, and connecting.

Whether it be a marketing, design, or coding conference, a charity dinner, a local meetup, or any kind of group gathering, event branding ensures your message is properly communicated to attendees and makes finding and sharing information seamless.

Treating your event like a brand creates consistency and focuses attendees on your central mission – whether it be knowledge sharing, raising money, or networking.

Event Branding Example
Technology Director writing on the wall in a glass conference room.

Brand Strategy

Hosting an event is an opportunity to not only market your existing brand, but to also flex your creative muscles by pushing the limits of your current identity to create a sub-brand for the event that may show a slightly different, unique perspective of your company's mission or vision.

Website Design + Development

A successful event is anchored by a centralized hub that makes things like finding pertinent information easy and registration seamless. A thoughtfully designed, user-friendly website is the perfect demonstration of your commitment to an enjoyable event experience.

Mobile App

Event attendees are looking to share ideas, network with colleagues, and reference important information like the schedule of events, speaker bios, or venue details. A dedicated event app is a great way to make all of the pertinent event information readily available, on the go.

Print Collateral

There are plenty of opportunities to include your event branding on print pieces. Table tents, way-finding signage and banners, red carpet backdrops, lanyards, badges, coasters, napkins, and notebooks are just a few of the ways you can ensure every part of your event reflects your brand.

Digital Collateral

Email communications, PowerPoint presentations, custom, location-based Snapchat filters, Twitter feeds, and hashtag strategies are just a few of the ways your digital collateral and communications reflect and reinforce your event branding.

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