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Play That Funky Office Music

Headshot of the Author Matt Kreikemeier

It’s pretty cool how music can bring a room together.  We enjoy a daily jam session of office music in our space, thanks to DJ Abbey-dabby-doo. For the most part, everyone seems to enjoy the playlists, especially when we hit Throwback Thursdays (shout-out to Missy Elliot).

After reading about office music on Digiday, I realized that our daily music is one piece of our unique, unspoken, cultural connection as a company.  While we all at times put on our individual headphones to crank through timely work, check out a video, or just for a break — it’s kind of nice (maybe even special) that we have this underlying soundtrack that keeps us on track and rolling through our work week.  Also, it’s pretty sweet to learn that research shows music can actually increase productivity – we can vouch for that!

Does your company need help curating branded playlists?  We also do this for our clients!  Let us know, we’d love to help you unleash your inner team spirit!

Our latest playlist:

Originally written by Julia Fridrich during her time with Leverage.

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