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It’s Friday!

Headshot of the Author Matt Kreikemeier

Hone Your Skills

Keep learning and increase your value – these sites can help.


Primer is a new pilot program coming out of Google that helps you learn new marketing skills in your free time.
Sometimes people actually choose to watch ads when you tell a good story – here’s what people are choosing to watch now.

Your blog is boring (don’t worry, ours is too), upgrade to a hub.


This is a pretty well designed round-up of tools startups like to use – everything from design to legal matters.
Both inspiring from a design standpoint, but also a good resource for some new tools, this roundup of the 21 best designed apps of 2015 is a fun, quick scan.
Relay is a new project from Stripe that lets customers buy products directly from your mobile app.

Design & Dev

We’re all biased, it’s normal, but it can lead to design pitfalls. First, acknowledge it. Second, take a deep breath. Third, conquer it.
Holy scrolly! The infinite scroll functionality on Eginstill’s site makes it super easy to explore projects seamlessly.
In case you didn’t hear, Apple released some new stuff this week. With that always comes a race to mimic functionality and interactions – like these parallax, AppleTV buttons.


If you’re reading this, you know mobile matters – and honestly most of our clients do at this point as well. But for those still dragging their feet, here’s 23 stats you should know about mobile and why it’s so important to do it right.


“Albert Einstein is so admired because he was willing to question what everyone knew to be true and take risks.”


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