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World Wide Technology

World Wide Technology (WWT), a company focused on creating game-changing technology solutions for organizations around the globe, asked us to create an office tour video that would act as a sales tool for potential customers who can’t make the visit to their St. Louis, MO headquarters. We created an engaging video that brings their culture to life, and highlights their process and why it’s so valuable, in just over three minutes.

Game-changing technology

When we created the WWT tour video, we needed to clearly and effectively share a lot of information about fairly complex processes in a way that felt welcoming, approachable, and most importantly, exciting. Fast-paced b-roll combined with employee narratives harnesses their high energy culture, while introducing their personal approach that drives each project.

“We partnered with Leverage to create an office tour video and we could not be more pleased with what they produced. Not only did they knock it out of the park in terms of the design, but the story, messaging, and tempo of the video was spot on. This wasn’t an easy task and they pulled it off. Working with the Leverage team was a seamless and delightful experience.”


World Wide Technology

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