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The Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis

The Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis has been investing in local arts and artists since 1985. They wanted to launch a campaign that would build brand awareness for their organization, and share that St. Louis is an arts and cultural hub—with the end goal of ensuring a creative life for every St. Louisan. We partnered with RAC to bring this campaign to life through strategic messaging and design of OOH advertisments across the region—including metro bus wraps, digital airport signage, and billboards.

The arts are everywhere in St. Louis

By placing digital signage in Lambert Airport by the baggage claim and concourse, we could spread the message that St. Louis is an arts and cultural hub to visitors and locals alike. With just 10 short seconds to share this message, we arranged a montage of video footage highlighting various arts throughout the region, and paired it with a strong, direct message that was always visible. Finally, we overlaid everything with the scribble lines taken from their logo mark to subtly tie it all together.

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Simple, yet impactful

Considering a Metro Bus is always on the move, we established a set of simple, yet strong messages that could be quickly consumed. We chose emotional action words that communicate the different ways the arts impact our lives as a community. We used vibrant, eye-catch colors and clear imagery to visually support the messaging.

You can be a sports town and an arts town

It’s no secret that St. Louis is a sports town, but what many may not realize is that St. Louis is very much an arts town as well, with rich arts & culture. We set out to share this message by designing digital billboards, that again, were simple and clear. We pulled in colors commonly worn by our sports teams to play off of this theme.

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