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GreenHouse Foods

GreenHouse Foods, a start-up based in California, came to us looking to create a fun, whimsical eCommerce experience to promote and sell their healthy, plant-based donuts. We accepted the challenge and accomplished this through the design and development of a full eCommerce website that combined bold, eye-catching visuals with playful animation.

An eCommerce experience you ‘donut’ want to miss

We created a website design that was as fun to look at as their donuts are to eat. Using animation to make the donuts ‘bounce’ into view and sprinkles ‘fall from the sky’ we were able to bring the product to life in an exciting way. We utilized an ‘icing-drip’ element to add interest and break up different sections of the page. The established brand colors, sea green and deep purple, were used strategically throughout to draw attention to key points of conversion.

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Brand convention

It was important for us to consider the customer journey and ensure the checkout process was seamless across all devices. Breaking convention, we strategically positioned the navigation icon (also known as the ‘hamburger nav’) in the lower right, making it easy to tap with a thumb.

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