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Green Together Collaborative

Green Together Collaborative is made up of an alliance of 8 public and private partners that are set on improving Pacioma and Sun Valley, California through various mobility, energy efficiency, urban greening and job training initiatives. In partnership with bluefeet, we were tasked with designing and developing a website that is not only fun and inviting, but that shares the great work being done throughout the region and how members of the community can get involved and benefit.

Telling a story through illustration

We wanted to create a site that is both fun and engaging, while also informative. We illustrated scenes that demonstrate the ways Green Together Collaborative is working to improve Pacoima and Sun Valley, and brought them to life with animation. Playing off of the circles in the logo mark, we incorporated rounded shapes and circles throughout the site—giving it a soft, inviting feel. We incorporated subtle animation throughout to add interest—including a custom interactive map to share the different projects taking place throughout the region.

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Inspiring and driving action

We used infographics to share important stats and created icons to highlight each of the four initiatives: mobility, energy, greening, and prosperity. We paired this with impactful, real-world imagery of projects throughout the area that were either completed or underway. Orange buttons were used throughout the site to draw the eye to ways the community could take advantage of available opportunities and get involved.

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