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Cheese + Honey

What began as a stay-at-home mom’s side hustle turned into a small business and became what is now, Cheese + Honey. C+H creates beautiful, custom grazing trays for events ranging from baby showers and weddings to birthday parties and business meetings. We helped establish a professional brand identity on par with the high-quality boards they create, and a website to immediately follow. The website not only established an online presence, but streamlined and managed their influx of orders.

Delectable design

C + H wanted the site to feel fresh, organic and sophisticated but fun, with a bohemian vibe. We pulled colors commonly found in their graze boards–yellow, peach and lavender, and paired them with a neutral light cream and slate blue (a client favorite) that would compliment the beautiful imagery and highlight it. To give the site some femininity, and unity with the logo, we added line-drawn floral elements. We also used dotted lines to connect one section to the next–guiding the user through the site. Off-set and overlapping imagery created a sense of movement and flow. This combined with the color palette and illustrated elments created the fun bohemian vibe we were going for. Read more in our post, Creating Something Graze Worthy for Cheese + Honey.

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“Thank you so much for all of the work you have done! It looks awesome—I very much appreciate your help and partnership!”


Cheese + Honey

Simplifying the order process

The main action we wanted a user to take was to place an order, so it was important to make that as easy as possible. To keep everything clear and digestible, we broke the ordering process down into four simple steps: Request. Discuss. Book. Deliver. We then included a short form directly below allowing a user to immediately take action with no additional clicks required.

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