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Chalily Ponds & Gardens

A local, family-owned pond and garden shop was looking to improve their online shopping experience. They had their products listed on Amazon, but wanted more control over their customer’s shopping experience. We partnered with Chalily to bring the shopping experience into their own website—maintaining the unique small shop feel that made them so special, while building robust eCommerce functionality that allowed customers, both locally and nationally, to find and purchase their products.

A small shop feel, with functionality that creates a splash

It was important that we share Chalily’s story and keep with the integrity of the small, local shop feel. We did this by incorporating the deep purple and lavenders painted on the walls of their shop, while contrasting it with pops of green—indicative of the plants they sell, to draw the eye to points of conversion. Pairing beautiful, vibrant imagery with hand-sketched illustrations, added an organic feel with a human touch. Playful waves were used to break up sections and reflect the aquatic nature of their products. We’re thrilled this site was awarded a 2022 American Digital Design Award by Graphic Design USA.

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A versatile ordering process

Chalily wanted to showcase their full inventory of products. While some products can be shipped nationwide, others are only available locally. Our development team customized their online shopping experience—indicating specific products available based on location, as well as in-store pick up and shipping options.

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