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Web Developer

Here's the deal, we'd love to hire a bad ass developer to join the team. We’ve been building some very cool things lately and the demand is only growing. If you like to build custom websites that integrate animations, leverage interactivity to enhance the user experience, and that leverage modern tech stacks, you’re who we’re looking for.

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Job Description

This is a mid to senior level developer position. You will be responsible for building custom websites and applications for our clients. An important note: we're a team that believes in the power of great design (not just how something looks, but also how it works), so ideal candidates will hold themselves to a higher standard of quality and be willing to go the extra mile to get things right.


  • At least 4-5 years of experience or relevant work history
  • You can do HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back
  • You've learned one of the new(er) JS frameworks like React or Vue (or, you're a vanilla JS ninja)
  • A pro with Wordpress, for sure (ACF Pro and maybe dabbled in Gutenberg)—Drupal is great too, but also really be willing to try anything
  • Solid PHP skills
  • Master of git
  • Proficient with bundling tools like GULP and Webpack
  • Familiarity with local development environments, such as Vagrant, Docker, or MAMP
  • Know your way around a server
  • Comfortable with Photoshop/Figma and other design tools
  • Willing and able to work closely with the design team

Traits we love

  • You love to learn and try new things
  • You love to teach new things—help the team understand why we should or shouldn't try the new hotness
  • Someone that prioritizes the user experience over the easy solution
  • Someone that obsesses over speed
  • Someone that is independent—we won't be forever, but we're still working remote for now

Ready to apply?

The agency world is full of multi-talented people. We're looking for a developer, but if have other talents or interests, fantastic—you're just like us! Our hope is to learn about anything you're good at, what interests you, or simply what value you think you can bring to a company like Leverage. You may be a developer by trade, but you also happen to love to write - that's great, let us know!

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Next, what are your interests?

You may not consider yourself an expert, but everyone has to start somewhere. What are some things that you are interested in learning more about, or that you explore for fun?

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